An Ode to Apfelkorn

In Canada, Oktoberfest happens the same weekend as Canadian Thanksgiving. It lasts for a week and it’s a great time to experience a RIDE program stop at 8 am or find out what all the fuss is about with regards to Masshole tourists puking schnitzel in a parking lot.

It’s a truly magical time.

But there’s something you’re probably not having at Oktoberfest and you really should try it: Apfelkorn.


Apfelkorn is Apple Schnapps. It tastes like a boozy McIntosh apple, and it’s a magical ingredient. You can choose to just shoot it, the way Germans do, or you can add it to apple cider and thank Christ every day someone told you to do that.

It’s also a terrific ingredient to add to things like cakes, pies, puddings etc to add a major apple punch to it. You can also use it to finish off pork dishes, roasted brussels sprouts or other savoury applications where apple is welcome.

If you buy a bottle, you’ll find ways to use it.

If you’re obsessed with fall, treat that obsession with Apfelkorn.



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