There are a few things I have a pathological need to acquire: Jackets, Sandals, and Containers. The right container can get and keep you organized. There is no better container for kitchen use than the Cambro, Cambro is a professional kitchen brand of containers in many sizes (I own the 4 Qt and 8 Qt size.) They have a solid locking lid, can be labelled easily, are clear to see the process of things like bread proofing, and they can be stacked neatly on a shelf, with a profile low enough for a home fridge. They’re the Cadillac of containers. For regular everyday use, I would recommend the 4 Qt. You can proof a boule of bread in them easily, you can store items like bags of flour or grains to keep visitors out of them in the summer, you can use them to keep a complete recipe of prepared tamales in the fridge and a lot more.

The 8 Quart comes in handy for large batches of dough, brining a chicken, and making huge batches of salads for transport. The 8 Quart can really save your butt if you’re an avid BBQer.

They’re not cheap, but you will use them forever and you will wonder what you did without one immediately (the answer is curse Saran Wrap when you couldn’t get it to stick to your dough proofing bowl.)

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