Cuisinart Compact Portable Chopping System

When you buy any kind of chopping device, what you’re paying for is the motor. One of the best motors for the price is consistently Cuisinart. I have yet to use a Cuisinart product where the motor was trash. For the medium to large jobs, I have a 12 cup Cuisinart Food Processor (with 2 sets of all the accessories so I don’t have to wash them mid batch cook) and it does an excellent job.

But sometimes, you just need to whiz something small. Sometimes, you just want to make a small amount of salad dressing, or blitz a shallot.

For that, there is the Cuisinart Compact Portable Chopping System. (It gets called “the mini chopper” around here.) You can blend or chop just about anything in this small appliance, and it makes salad dressings short work. I bought additional small cups to use with the system because I use it so frequently, the small cup is almost always in the dishwasher.

It makes short work of Parmesan cheese, it makes frothy Mexican Hot Chocolate with no effort, and it makes a Caesar dressing in 20 seconds. It never leaves the counter (and I don’t have a lot of counter space to spare!)

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