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Easy As Hell Pulled Pork

The recipe that pays for the Instant Pot

The Instant Pot’s primary advantage is shortening the time to get quality food without sacrificing the benefits of long, low and slow cooking.

This recipe is a perfect example.

The first time I made this, I used the timings and weights from this recipe

The seasoning is Meathead Goldwyn’s Memphis Dust.¬† The recipe makes wayyy more than you need, but make up a whole recipe, store it in a sealed container, and you’ll be ready to make pulled pork with short notice the next time the grocery store puts pork on sale.


3lbs of pork butt (bone in or out doesn’t matter.)

1/3 recipe of Memphis Dust

Salt, for brining pork

1 white onion, cut into rings

1 cup of beer, apple cider, or apple juice

1/2 teaspoon liquid smoke (optional)

BBQ Sauce (I use Stubbs bourbon/hickory or even Sweet Baby Ray’s)


Dry surface of pork well with paper towels.

Liberally salt the surface of the pork. Allow to sit for as long as you have time for, up to 24 hours prior (in fridge.)

Remove pork from fridge. Bring up to room temperature. Dry surface of pork well.

Rub Memphis dust liberally on to the pork.

Heat Instant Pot on Sauté More until the display reads HOT. Sear all surfaces of pork until dark and crispy, about 4ish mins per side. Remove from Instant pot.

Toss onions into the rendered fat and let them sear for 3 mins each side, developing colour. Push onions to one side.

Place pork fat side up in the Instant Pot. Pour beer over onions.

Close Instant Pot. Seal and Cook on High Pressure for 1 hour. Check after hour with a fork. If meat ‘flakes,’ you’re ready.

Using forks in a bowl, shred meat. Add back 1-2 Tablespoons of juice from the pot to the meat. Toss meat with BBQ sauce. Set aside.

Remove onions from pot and serve on top of meat on Portuguese buns (and if you’re like me, with coleslaw and pickles on top.)

yeah, it’s messy but it tastes good

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