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It’s Bacon Tomato Sandwich Season

The weather in Toronto is such that it’s impossible to imagine it’s nearly summer.

However, we have access to beautiful hothouse tomatoes, and it’s time.

Time For Bacon Tomato Sandwiches.

I know what you’re curious about: What about the L? Unless you really love lettuce, you should leave it out. Why? It’s not adding anything flavour wise to the sandwich. Want a green that makes this sandwich sing? Try basil. But I’m sticking with the classics.

Why would anyone make a recipe for a sandwich, let alone one with so few ingredients?

Because it’s important in everything you make to be aware of ingredients and how to coax the best out of them. So here’s a method for getting the most out of the sandwich:


slice your tomatoes to your taste, but salt and pepper both sides and leave those sides on a kitchen towel. This seasons the tomatoes and draws out excess moisture that will sog out the bread.


Buy the best sourdough or Pane Pugliese type bread you can get your hands on. Then either toast or grill it for maximum flavour.


If you don’t like mayo, pick another sandwich. This is not negotiable. OH, you want to put avocado on it? Good for you, but I am not doing it.


Buy good naturally smoked bacon. Cook it on medium high heat until it’s crispy and brown.

The Most Crucial Step

When the pan is still hot and the fat is in the pan, add a splash of sherry vinegar to the pan, and reduce until it makes a thick dressing. Drizzle this over the surface of the tomatoes before you put the bacon on top of them.

If this isn’t the best damned Bacon Tomato sandwich you’ve ever had, I am genuinely sorry.

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