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A Game Changer

I have been accused of being vegetable averse, but I’m just not a person who looks forward to boring ass vegetables, served as an afterthought. And, also, you can fuck that mesclun mix with balsamic dressing sky high. It goes with NOTHING and tastes gross.

I began researching the best salads. I was looking for salads that were tasty, stayed with you, and could be prepared and stored (I try not to make anything à la minute.)

Turns out, it was hard! Salad recipes are either too fussy, have ingredients I don’t want in them (beets, cooked tuna) or they were not nutritionally worth it (covered in ranch and bacon.)

So I had to go back to the drawing board.

I had to look at the ingredients I’m always happy to see in salads and work forward from there.

The result has become Salad Time (#SaladTime if you’re looking for it). Salad Time is a shortlist of good ass, dang tasty salads that I have yet to get back feedback on.

Almost none of these salads are lettuce based (sorry for the photo!)

All of these recipes can be prepped in advanced and stored for up to 5 days in a fridge, meaning you can batch cook them on a Sunday and have lunches and sides all week.

Some of the salads are SPICY. These are called out, so you know not to serve them to the wimps in your life.

I will be adding Salad Time recipes throughout the year.


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