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Upgrade Your Comfort Food

No one on earth loves a bowl of Kraft Dinner more than me on a cold winter’s day when you have no energy to make anything better.



Did you know you can add a tiny bit of garlic butter, a splash of heavy cream and hot sauce to KD and make it absolutely slap?


Maybe you don’t want to cook. Maybe you don’t want to go to a lot of effort. That’s cool, but adding a thing here or a thing there to foods you know how to make by heart can really elevate the end product.


I’m going to share some of my tips:


  • Make your grilled cheese with sourdough or light rye bread. Spread the outside with mayo instead of butter for a crunchier surface. If you’re feeling like it, add a touch of garlic butter to the pan at the end to finish it.
  • Always garnish soups, even if they came out of a can. Some ideas: croutons out of the bag, grated parm, smoked paprika, crushed stoned wheat thins, chipotle hot sauce. I don’t personally do this, but if you’re a person who loves an egg on everything, put a dang egg on it.
  • Making Mac n Cheese from scratch? Great! Don’t forget to put some finely minced shallots in your Béchamel and whisk in some hot sauce and smoked paprika into the sauce. Don’t forget to finish it with Panko crumbs you’ve toasted in a mixture of regular and garlic butter.
  • Make caramelized onions for hot dogs and hamburgers. Or just keep a jar of onion jam in the fridge and whack it on your weenies.
  • Toast the bread for your sandwiches. This isn’t even really a hack, but just add some heat and some colour to whatever bread you’re using to make a sandwich.
  • Making pizza at home? Oil the surface of the dough after you roll it out, and lightly salt it.  you will be shocked at how much more flavour your pizza will have.
  • Making a hot chicken sandwich with packet gravy? Add some sherry vinegar and hot sauce to the gravy to give it some bite. Season the chicken with spices, hot sauce or even lemon juice to make it pop.
  • Making an omelette? Add some Boursin cheese to the end of it.
  • Making chicken salad? Add some dill and savoury to the dressing.
  • Making risotto? Add a splash of Sherry vinegar to the broth when you’re making it. Top your risotto with fried chorizo sausage and fried zucchini to make it a meal. Or, add any roasted meat to the top of your risotto to round it out and make a quick salad. Or, keep it vegetarian and roast cherry tomatoes in oil, basil and garlic, and put that on top of your risotto.
  • Making Potstickers from the bag? Make a dipping sauce from Soy sauce, minced garlic, minced ginger and chili oil to dip them in.
  • Making chili? Make some dumplings out of Masa, white flour, baking powder, and chicken stock. drop them on the chili while it’s finishing up and serve with the chili.

Just because you feel like slacking off doesn’t mean you can’t eat exciting food. Try these tips and have a lazy, delicious meal.


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